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About Us

Worm castings is not a byproduct at Gardeners Thumb Worm Castings, it is our only product.

The quality of our worm castings is the driving force in our daily operations. We go to great lengths toward achieving biologically potent worm castings for your soil amendment.

Our process starts with delivery of horse manure, sawdust and some straw from our local fairground. The raw food is then windrowed on our concrete platform which has been swept and blown clean of any debris. We then begin the thermophilic heating process for fifteen days to achieve 131 plus degrees to kill any pathogens and weed seeds within the feed stock. The feedstock windrow is turned at least five time using a compost turner. Upon completion of the food preparation for the worms, it is moved from the preparation platform to our storage area for subsequent feeding to our worm beds. The brown colored food is quickly changed into black castings as the worms ingest the pre-composted food.

Gardeners Thumb Worm Castings is approved as a food source for organic gardening use by the Ohio Ecological Food and Farm Association (OEFFA).

We wholesale worm castings locally and ship both palletized 40lb bags with 50 per pallet and 1400lb super sacks. We also sell retail from our farm to local gardeners looking to use worm castings for vegetable gardens and castings for houseplants.

Commercial CSA Starts with and without our castings. Springtime Summertime

We screen our casting using a 1/8 inch trommel screen. They look similar to coffee grounds after screening. They have no odor and are safe for use around children and pets. Worm castings will not burn your plants. It is best to incorporate the castings into your garden or starter soil before use at a rate of 20 to 30 percent.

Concrete platform for turning and drying.   Casting tea applications used

Vermicompost is for sale at our Versailles, Ohio farm by calling 937-526-4107. 2019 prices are retail $18.00 for 40pound bag. Call for wholesale pricing and shipping charges.