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40 lb for enhancing outdoor garden beds   Shipping not included in price.  Touch bag to purchase.

40 lb for enhancing outdoor garden beds Shipping not included in price. Touch bag to purchase.

Gardener Thumb Worm Castings

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Organic Vermicompost — Nature’s Own Black Gold For Your Garden!

The ultimate superfood for plants, worm castings, or vermicompost — as it is more commonly known — is one of the best organic soil amendments your garden can get. It is a 100% natural growth booster to make up for the lack of nutrients in the soil, and even to keep common plant diseases at bay!

If you’re thinking of cultivating blooming flower beds and a bountiful fruit garden, you must equip yourself with vermicompost. It is an ideal medicine for barren soil and a quick and effective way to revitalize plants in your garden.

Organic fertilizer worm castings not only work as great manure, but it is also an extremely potent fertilizer. These have a special blend of enzymes and bacteria that stimulate growth in your greens. But there’s more to it! Let’s look at how it can be used to grow a flourishing garden on your own:

Benefits Of Worm Castings For Your Garden

Vermicompost can be used to enhance the quality of any type of soil or plant. Whether you’re a beginner or a weathered gardener, having it in your arsenal will ensure that you can treat your plants with nature’s own elixir whenever the need arises. In fact, plants that have been grown with the help of worm castings are known to be larger and healthier than their counterparts. So, if you’re thinking of growing an organic flower garden, flowerbeds, or even a lawn, consider investing in organic vermicompost for sale.

Wondering about how to use it in your garden? We have a couple of tips for you:

As a seed starter
Earthworm castings organic fertilizer is an amazing soil amendment to grow plants from seeds. It speeds up growth and also builds up its natural defenses against aphids and whiteflies. Simply put some into the holes for your seeds and wait for it to work its wonders!

As a top dressing
Have exotic succulents, trees, or foliages in your backyard? Add some to the soil to raise its nutritional value. Plants that are still growing can benefit a lot from the water-retaining capacities of worm castings. You can also use it to nourish your landscaping plants as well as those in large containers and pots. Do this four times a year for best results.

For those humble houseplants
The plants on your porch? They need a good dose of nutrients too! The ones that are in baskets and small pots can lose organic material quickly if proper care is not taken. To ensure that they remain healthy all the year-round, remove some of the topsoils and add some worm castings in its place, Do this every month and you’ll be a proud pet parent!

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