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15 lbs for small plants.

15 lbs for small plants.

Gardener Thumb Worm Castings

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Worm Castings - The Best Your Indoor Plants Can Get!

Why use chemical fertilizers at home when organic alternatives are readily available? We present to you worm castings fertilizer for your beloved potted plants — 100% natural, child- and pet-friendly, and one of the best sources of nutrients for your greens!

Many hesitate to bring plants home because they feel that indoor care is complicated and that it might attract insects. And then there are those who don’t want the lingering smell of soil treatment chemicals in the home.

Organic soil amendments such as adding worm castings can help to prevent all these issues and more. Just adding a teaspoon of authentic worm castings will not only provide enough organic nutrients to a 6" potted plant for more than 60 days, but it will also strengthen the plant’s defenses that help to keep insects at bay. Moreover, worm castings or vermicompost, as it is more commonly known, doesn’t have any odor. So, it won’t make your abode stink

The Gardener’s Best Friend — Worm Castings Fertilizer

Whether you are looking for organic soil amendments for your vegetable garden, or want to enhance the foliage of your potted plants, using worm castings is an amazing way to grow healthy and productive plants at home. The gardener’s best weapon against fungi, pests, and diseases, it raises the nutrient content of the soil and nourishes plants. No wonder it is believed to be the richest organic fertilizer known to humankind.

Many turn to organic soil amendments and fertilizers such as chicken manure as a soil conditioner. But using it for indoor pots might not be recommended. Not only will there be a nasty smell in the room, but it might retain copper that is known to burn plant roots. Chicken manure also increases the acidity levels of the soil while reducing calcium, a mineral that helps to regulate the soil’s chemical composition.

While choosing organic soil amendments for sale such as vermicompost, it is important to know the types of worms that produced the castings as well as their diet. The nutritional content of the compost will vary depending on the type of worm that was used. Moreover, if the earthworms did not receive a well-planned diet, then it won’t help your plant much! That is why it is important to purchase earthworm castings from a reliable source.

At Gardener’s Thumb Worm Castings LLC, we ensure that an effective, nutritious blend of organic horse manure compost, straw, and sawdust is made available, all of which are heated for 15 days to eliminate bad bacteria and weed seeds. You can rest assured when you shop from our collection because our organic offerings will revitalize your plants and lead to better produce. Not only are do these organic soil amendments speed up the germination process, but even when your plants grow, you won’t really need any other plant food for them! It will help eliminate toxins and enhance the soil’s water retention capacity, regardless of the type of plants you have chosen to grow. The result? A breath of fresh air for you and your potted plants!