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Worm Castings — The Best Treatment Your Garden Soil Can Get!

Nurturing a green thumb? Want to transform your backyard or balcony into a green haven? Then you must buy high-quality earthworm castings right at the beginning of your gardening journey!

Why Use Earthworm Castings in Your Garden?

Earthworm castings are essentially superfoods for your plants. More commonly known as organic vermicompost fertilizer, it is the waste of earthworms that feed on nutrient-rich compost. Digging through the soil, they also consume organic materials and microscopic organisms — all of which are usually found in abundance in high-quality forest soil. As they digest it, they leave behind nature’s own fertilizer and soil conditioner! No wonder that weathered gardeners swear by it!

What makes worm castings so special is that you can sprinkle it on flowerbeds, vegetable patches as well as in your kitchen garden and potted plants to improve the quality and health of your produce. The result? Vibrant, blooming flowers, healthy trees and shrubs, and better fruits and vegetables, in quality and quantity!

What’s more, worm castings fertilizer is 100% natural and safe for you, your plants, and your family, unlike chemically loaded, artificial fertilizers that might damage your plants and are harmful to your children and pets.

If you are wondering about whether your need to buy worm castings along with natural compost for garden soil, then read on to learn more about the benefits of investing in it!

Worm castings fertilizer provides nitrogen to plants

Nitrogen is essential to the production of chlorophyll, the main compound that helps plants to convert carbon dioxide and water into life-giving oxygen and glucose, in the presence of sunlight.

Given the fact that we live in concrete jungles, your garden, balcony, and house plants might not get adequate sunlight all the time. This is where vermicompost for plants can be of help! It is rich in nitrogen which can help to make up for the deficit. So, if you are looking to have purer, cleaner air around your home, worm castings might be the key to it.

It is water-soluble

Most fertilizers and plant supplements drain away with the water as most of them aren’t absorbed by the soil. And let’s not forget these particles are one of the major sources of water pollution around the world.

The alternative? Earthworm castings for sale. Organic and water-soluble, these dissolve the instant you water your potted plants and garden. This means that the soil draws in the nutrients immediately, making it easier for the roots of your plants to absorb all the good things!

It keeps insects at bay

Nothing can harm the health of your plants more than pesky insects that latch on to them for food. Not only do these creatures stunt the growth of plants, but they can also kill wreak destruction on your entire garden if you don’t intervene quickly.

According to new studies, worm castings help to get rid of pests such as whiteflies, spider mites, and aphids from plants. It is believed to enhance the production of an enzyme called chitinase that harms the exoskeleton of insects, warding them off quickly. Thus, it plays a huge role in improving your plants’ own line of defenses.

If you are wondering about where to buy worm castings from, look no further than Gardener’s Thumb Worm Castings LLC! Browse throughout offerings now and get in touch with us if you need any help!