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Why are Worm Castings Crucial For A Healthy Garden

In the world of synthetic produces and chemically fertilized soils, make your garden stand out by making it the epitome of organic. Not sure what we are talking about? Worm casting fertilizers are nature’s natural manure, perfected by earthworms and extensively used by gardeners around the world. If you have a beautiful garden space waiting to be explored, let us help you out with this comprehensive guide on mastering organic gardening and reaping its many benefits.

15 lbs for small pots, indoor plants.  Shipping included!.  Touch bag to purchase.

What are castings anyway and where can I buy worm castings on a budget?

If you’ve found yourself asking this question at some point in the course of your gardening, you’ve hit the right spot at the right time. By now, you must have guessed what worm castings are- manure created by earthworms, but what you don’t know is the level of microbial activity in this type of casting is through the roof which means not only are you adding health to your garden soil but indirectly on your produce too. But wait, that’s not all! Worm castings are much more than what you think they are.

40 lb for enhancing outdoor garden beds   Shipping not included in price.  Touch bag to purchase.

Let us tell you about the 5 different ways worm casting can help refine your garden soil-

  • With worm castings your plants can expect a boost in their growth as it speeds up the germination process significantly.
  • Worm castings being nature’s very own pesticide can protect, care, and nurture your sapling without you having to deal with gas masks and poisonous sprays.
  • With worm castings, especially with vermiculite soil amendment, the soil starts retaining more water, which can significantly reduce your irrigation cost and effort.
  • A lesser known fact is that fertilizers tend to be high in nitrogen, often ending up burning the delicate roots of your plants. On the other hand, an all-natural fertilizer will never do that to your little saplings.

If we’ve convinced you to take the jump towards the all-natural side, you would need a little help from the casting professionals. The trick as always is to pick the best material at the most affordable rates and speaking of wholesale worm castings, we have the perfect batch sitting here, waiting for you!