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Things You Must Know About Earthworm Casting For Your Garden Vegetation

Earthworms help your gardens in many ways for growing and staying productive throughout seasons. As they move through the soil, they tend to create spaces with their path for air and water to nourish the soil bed. However, these worms also leave behind less familiar but the most significant contribution — their castings. These castings are the end product of the worm digestion, which can be very useful for vegetables in your garden.

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Why are these worm castings a big deal for a home garden? It’s the worm casting. When earthworms consume organic materials, it refines those materials to their raw form. Their casting includes nutrients with minerals and trace elements available in their most usable form for vegetation. The earthworm castings have a neutral pH of 7.0. This nutrient-rich organic and dark soil enhancement is ideal for side-dressing your vegetable garden. Worm castings for a vegetable garden can help you nourish your vegetable plants with the required nutrients.

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What is Side Dressing?

The process of placing soil amendment on the ground near the vegetation plants, or in a little furrow just beside the plants is side dressing. The 100% organic and natural soil enhancement, i.e., worm castings, are considered as the best soil enhancement for plant growth. Leaving composting worms from trusted suppliers in your garden and setting up a vermicomposting system where the worms will be feeding on your fruit and veggie scraps, you will have access to plenty of organic soil amendment.

How Worm Casting Benefits Plant?

Earthworm castings consist of nutrients and other substances that can be directly responsible for healthy plant growth. A dedicated research study from Ohio State University Soil Ecology Laboratory shows that worm castings influence seed germination, flowers, and fruit production, and hence plant growth. Besides, the worm castings for houseplants also curbed certain plant diseases such as wilt disease and root and crown rots. Along with this, the casting also inhibited some insect pests, including aphids, mites, and mealybugs.

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Some benefits of the Earthworm castings for vegetable gardens

High microbial activity - With good bacteria present castings, you can create a perfect growing environment for your plants.

Natural soil aeration – Small ball-shaped casting saves soil from getting crushed around the roots while ensuring that they get enough oxygen they need to grow.

Water retention – Worm castings absorb moisture, and they store the moisture for long, so when the soil loses its water and start getting dry, the casting provides it the required moisture.

Trace elements – Unlike synthetic soil amendment, the castings possess trace elements like magnesium, manganese, zinc, borax, iron, copper, and cobalt that contribute to the garden's growth.

So, whether you are searching worm castings for tomatoes or any other houseplants, you must know how worm casting helps in garden growth.