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Quick Guide to Use Worm Castings for Improved Soil Health

No matter which garden you have in the backyard, keeping it healthy and productive is no easy task. Over time, the soil is likely to lose its nutrients and the ability to grow healthy plants. As a result, your garden may start to resemble a barren land victimized by drought. However, worm castings for sale are a surefire way to avoid turning it into an unfruitful piece of land. By using quality worm castings, you will feed the soil with vital nutrients, such as nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium, and keep soil degradation at bay.

While worm castings are a good way to maintain garden soil healthy, using them properly can be a bit tricky, especially if it’s your first time. But here’s how you can do it:

15 lbs for small pots, indoor plants.  Shipping included!.  Touch bag to purchase.


During the seedling phase, it’s good to use 1 part castings for every 5 to 6 parts potting soil as the slow release of nutrients into the soil is ideal for new seedlings to set off to a great start. 

Vegetable transplants

During the transplantation of vegetable plants into the garden, the best course of action is to mix a quarter cup casting into each planting hole. This works as a slow-release fertilizer every time you water the plants or if it rains. 

For hanging baskets and containers

If you are preparing hanging baskets, it’s recommended to use half a cup of vermicompost for sale mixed into every basket soil when planting. If you have purchased planted baskets, sprinkle a quarter cup of compost on the top of the soil. The same goes for container plants. Also, make sure you sprinkle a quarter cup of worm castings every month onto the soil. 


When splitting or dividing perennials, or for that matter planting and transplanting them, add a quarter cup of worm castings for sale to each new planting hole.

Shrubs and Trees 

You may not know it but worm castings are great for planting shrubs and trees. For standard 1-gallon containers, mix 1 cup of castings into the planting soil and watch them bloom. 

40 lb for enhancing outdoor garden beds   Shipping not included in price.  Touch bag to purchase.

Final note

Worm castings are an excellent way to keep your garden soil in good health while avoiding its degradation. Many people prefer it to cow or horse manure because it doesn’t smell and has significantly more nutrients than cow or horse manure. However, using it correctly is vital to receive its benefits. 

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