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Organic Fertilizers: The Well Known Secret to Healthy Soil and Good Produce

If you are up for embracing organic farming for growing vegetables and fruits know that you must give up chemical supplements. Right from the planting process to the time of harvest and periodical maintenance in between, everything must be entirely organic. So, instead of using synthetic fertilizers and pesticides, use organic soil amendments and fertilizers. Talking about organic fertilizers, they are of two types, namely, compost and animal fertilizer. Both enhance the nutrient content of the soil improving the quality of your garden. The addition of organic materials to your garden soil ensures that everything you sow gets optimal nutrients. The result is good and healthy produce! Opt for organic horse manure compost for amazing growth.


Why organic soil amendments?

When you take the organic road, patience is the key. Unlike synthetic fertilizers which are water-soluble and so immediately available, organic fertilizers need to decompose prior to supplying nutrients to the plants. You may say that inorganic fertilizers feed your plants instantly while organic ones work with the soil in a holistic manner to nourish them. If you still are of the view that synthetic fertilizers are a lucrative option, think again! Not only do they contaminate groundwater but there is also a high probability that they will be washed away. Water-soluble, remember? Organics, on the other hand, stay in the ground and benefit the soil all year round. This is the reason why organic soil amendments are the way to go!


Irrespective of the soil characteristics of your garden, it is almost impossible to go wrong with organic compost. Say, if there is clay soil in your garden, organics will protect its tilth which is necessary to avoid clumping together. They also do a great job of increasing the water holding capacity of the soil. This acts as a boon for those who have sandy soil in their gardens.


Organic fertilizers and compost release a slew of micronutrients along with macros like potassium and nitrogen required for the healthy growth of plants. What is more important though is that they activate the soil life! Microbial activity is stimulated and biological productivity in the soil gets a boost. With the increase in microbial activity, a larger quantity of organic matter is broken down with ease by microbes which means an ample amount of essential elements for the planted fruits and veggies. Look at it as a circular process. Organic soil amendments and fertilizers feed the soil which in turn nourishes your plants. Over time, organics also enhance the growth of food-producing critters which is vital for plant health.


Whether you decide to go organic all the way or want to use synthetic fertilizers in a controlled amount along with the organics, always remember that more is not better. Too much organic fertilizers may cause potential damage to your plants. It is important to pay heed to the label instructions!


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