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Organic Farming: A Sustainable Way to Produce

When it comes to farming, going organic not only sounds appealing but is definitely worth it in the long run. After all, the more we steer clear of chemicals and pesticides, the better it will be for the health of both ourselves and the environment. Worm casting compost is an amazing replacement for inorganic fertilizers. Organic farming does a wonderful job of promoting a healthy biological cycle of nutrients. Soil health is also top-notch as toxic chemicals are not used. The practices used are crucial in restoring and enhancing ecosystem health. Just friendly advice for anyone looking to try their hands at organic farming, you should consider purchasing wholesale worm castings to harvest good produce.

Here are 5 reasons why switching to organic farming is a viable option:

  1. As people become more and more aware of the harmful effects of consuming food that has not been grown organically, the demand for organic products increases. This demand is only going to swell as nobody wants to compromise with their well-being when a healthier alternative is available. 
  1. Imagine the number of chemical fertilizers and harmful pesticides that will be done away with if farmers decide to go organic! Probably we will be able to successfully eliminate millions of pounds of synthetic pesticides that annually enter our environment because of farm productions. Worm casting fertilizeris the healthier and naturally produced alternative to harmful chemicals that are not good for the environment at all. The pesticides sprayed on plants contaminate the water supply source, soil, and air. The plant-eating insects and fungi even become resistant to these with time! On the contrary, worm casting compostnourishes the soil while providing a safe environment for the plants to grow.
  1. Organic not only promotes good soil health but also helps to effectively combat serious environmental issues like erosion. Erosion is a serious issue that adversely impacts not only the land but also the food supply chain. When you use organic fertilizers like worm casting compost, your fields will have a good layer of topsoil.
  1. Poor water quality and dwindling supplies are also a major concern that is to be dealt with as life literally depends on it. Runoff from farms which use inorganic fertilizers and chemical pesticides are probably the greatest source of water pollution. Switching to organic farming means a cleaner water supply system. Use worm casting fertilizers instead of inorganic ones and contribute to a healthier environment.
  1. When you go organic, you help preserve natural habitats encouraging birds and other farm animals to live in the fields. This naturally keeps the pests under control. Needless to say, the more the biodiversity flourishes on the farmland, the more stable it is.

If you have been contemplating to switch to organic farming or want to try your hands at farming, do it already! Gardeners Thumb Worm Castings is there for your wholesale worm casting needs.