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Different Ways of Using Worm Castings

Although a gardener’s hours of scrupulous hard work plays a crucial role in transforming a slumbering garden into one that is full of aliveness and vibrancy, it is not the only determining factor of a lush garden. It is rather the countless number of microbes and micronutrients under the soil that do the magic.

Food particles consumed by worms turn into a cast that is full of essential ingredients. These ingredients provide plants of all types with the kind of nourishment required for their proper growth. When you use the best organic soil amendments such as worm castings for your garden, the plants are supplied with the right amount of nutrients so that they grow to their full potential by flowering and producing fruits. Worm castings even assist in keeping plants protected from all sorts of diseases.

There are different ways in which you can put worm castings to use. Let’s take a look at them.

  • You can sprinkle a little number of worm castings on the area of the root mass. This method is considered as a great and simple way of providing plants with key nutrients as it doesn’t call for mixing or measuring. You can put a few worm castings in every few months of the gap at the base of the plant. Plants receive these worm castings with the help of rains and tiny creatures, which transport the castings down toward the roots. This method is known as a side dressing or top dressing.
  • Another method is to first mix the worm castings well with the soil, before placing the plant. This is a fantastic way of evenly distributing worm compost throughout the soil. It ensures that the root of the plant is fully surrounded with vital nutrients. This method requires a good amount of worm compost.
  • You can use worm castings to make compost tea by steeping the finished cast. If given proper time, the water gets filled with useful microbes that turn the water into a tonic that reaches quickly toward the roots and supply essential nutrients. You can also spray this tonic on plants to give them protection against diseases.
  • To keep your lawn in good shape and stop the growth of weeds, spread dry castings with the help of a seed spreader. This way, the bits fall right between the blades of grass. The tiny bits will get absorbed into the soil as rain falls on your lawn.

Soil enhancements such as organic earthworm castings are a natural way of supplying your plants with the kind of nourishment that they truly deserve. Using worm casts do not produce any side effects and promotes plant growth more than any other material in the market.