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A Successful Gardener's Secret to Vegetable Gardening 

If you’re fairly regular at vegetable gardening, you must have heard about the innumerable benefits vermicomposting brings with itself. With your stint at vegetable gardening, you must have also had your fair share of trials and errors when it comes to quality produce. However, if you’re yet to give worm castings a try- this quick read will be a boon to your vegetable gardening plans. Be it worm castings for houseplants or your vegetable garden, let us fill you in on the million-dollar secret that has been helping vegetable gardeners for decades now.

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Side-dressing your vegetable garden

Side-dressing is the concept of adding soil enhancers to your vegetable, but instead of spraying or directly using it, you place the soil enhancement within a palm’s throw of the plant. The concept of using soil amendment on the side, or side-dressing, as we commonly call it comes with innumerable benefits, but only if you’re aware of the correct time and method associated with it. Now if we are talking house-gardens and quality produce, by now you must have figured out how worm castings are 100% organic and make quite an effective natural soil enhancers. But, before you start with the worm castings for your vegetable garden, here’s what we want you to know-

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Time Precision

Don’t furrow your organic soil enhancement right at the very beginning. Allow your seeds to undergo their growth spurt and once the flowering or the fruiting begins, mix in your soil enhancer to facilitate their healthy growth. Side-dressing also acts as a boon if you have sand-based soil quality. Natural worm castings in your sandy soil can retail their nutrition and pass it along to the baby plants right when they need additional support.

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Side-dressing isn’t for all

While we are on the topic of side-dressing, you should also know, not all plant or vegetation types will benefit from this method. For instance, worm castings for tomatoes, carrots, sweet corn, potatoes, sprouts, broccoli, spinach, pumpkin and more can benefit from side-dressing. If you’re unsure about a particular vegetable just ask your local gardener or a gourmet vegetable shop owner for advice.

How to side-dress?

Now we come to the most important part of the topic- how to apply the side-dressing method to help your vegetables make the best of the natural soil enhancers?

We have 3 tried and tested methods for you-

  1. Once your plant starts to bear baby fruits, sprinkle the worm castings carefully on the whole bed and then water it gently to allow natural mixing.
  2. Place a measured handful of castings near the base of the plant and use a rake or hand-held gardening tool to gently work the castings into the bed. Be very careful; you don’t want to damage the delicate roots.
  3. Dig a furrow around each plant and place the soil amendment in it. Cover the soil and use a rake to work in it post which you can simply water and let the magic happen.

Can’t wait to give side-dressing a try? While you comb the internet for more side-dressing tips and tricks, let us help you out with a big bag of premiere quality organic worm casting soil enhancement to get you started with.