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A Guide To Taking Care Of the Soil Quality Of Your Lawn

Farmers know that soil needs to be replenished from time-to-time as the nutrients tend to deplete. The field is sometimes left to fallow for a couple of years to allow the earth rejuvenate, and the best organic soil amendments are used to restore fertility. The phenomenon is not limited to full-fledged farms! If you have a backyard lawn or a vegetable garden, you will witness the quality of your homegrown plants and vegetables go down when the soil is lacking essential nutrients. Such a piece of land is also more vulnerable to weed infestation and drought.


To enhance the quality of soil, the use of organic fertilizer worm castings is highly recommended. When used appropriately, organic fertilizers infuse new life into your lawn’s soil. You should also consider topdressing for your soil to add vital nutrients that feed your plants. Topdressing is a simple procedure under which you apply a thin layer of compost and organic matter to the soil. It works wonders for soil health and quality!

Soil naturally contains an array of microorganisms and nutrients that are of utmost importance for healthy plant growth. Microorganisms present in the soil are responsible for breaking down organic materials, like woody debris and fallen leaves, into nutrients consumed by the plants. Their absence from the soil leads to a host of problems apart from a degraded soil quality. Earthworm castings organic fertilizer takes care of the problem to a great extent.

Why should you top-dress your lawn?

1. Topdressing adds the missing organic matter back into the soil, restoring the essential nutrients. It also reintroduces microorganisms back into the soil.

2. It has the potential of modifying or amending the soil. For example, adding compost with the top dressing takes care of the compaction problems.

3. By top dressing your lawn, you drastically reduce the need to use inorganic fertilizers that aren’t good for the environment in the long run.

4. It aids soil in retaining moisture. This is especially helpful when you plant new grass or sod.

5. It makes sure that the planted grass seeds are in proper contact with the soil so that they germinate.

6. It evens out hollow spots or dips in the lawn ensuring equal access of water to the grass.

7. It encourages decomposition and, therefore, minimizes thatch build-up.

Tips for topdressing

Never apply too much topdressing. You don’t want to bury the grass but give a healthy boost to the soil. If a thick layer of top dressing is applied, it may lead to thatch problems and drainage issues. A light layer ensures that the existing soil blends with the new soil to provide a consistent growth environment for your plants.

Before applying topdressing, do mow your lawn. That way, the new soil has higher chances of blending with the existing soil. You may aerate your lawn to ensure that the microorganisms and additional nutrients penetrate deeper into the existing layer.

Final words

To keep your lawn green, young, and thriving, use earthworm castings organic fertilizer, the ultimate superfood for plants. Get organic fertilizer worm castings from Gardener’s Thumbs!