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9 Benefits of Using Worm Casting Fertilizer in the Garden

Ever thought what could probably be the secret behind healthy houseplants of the gardener next door? A good chance is your neighbor is supplementing, or rather say, blessing their plants with worm casting fertilizer

A worm casting is perfect plant food, used by several gardeners and farmers, around the world. This organic fertilizer is basically manure created by earthworms that naturally contain plenty of benefits. If you’re wondering what’s so special about worm castings, keep reading below:

All Natural

Why feed plant a bunch of chemicals when you have a natural alternative? If you’ve ever given a good look at the list of ingredients that more soil fertilizers use, you must have noticed half of them are unknown. Instead of spending on something you aren’t sure of, buy worm castings for your garden to keep your plants free from chemicals and additives. 

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While using worm castings for houseplants, you’ll forget about the pungent smell that typically comes from most chemically-loaded fertilizers. Made from worms manure, worm castings are odor-free, that can be added to the soil without experiencing any odor. 

Soil Aeration

The physical structure of worm castings doesn’t pack down easily like soil. In other words, the roots of plants get adequate oxygen to stay in good health and keep growing. To enhance the condition of your soil and promote soil aeration, nothing else is better than worm castings.

Microbial Health

As already mentioned, worm casting is the perfect food for plants. It protects the plant from harmful bacteria and disease, and thereby, enhances their overall health. What’s more? The presence of bacteria in worm castings is known for promoting nitrogen in the soil, which ultimately, make plants flourish. 

Plant Growth

The waste created by earthworms contains plant growth hormones that promote the rapid growth of plant roots. A seed germinates faster when planted in worm casting soil instead of normal soil. 

Burn Proof

Fertilizers are intimidating because they contain Nitrogen in high amounts. When you feed your plants too much of such fertilizer, you risk burning their roots because of the quantity of Nitrogen. On the other hand, natural worm casting never burns your household plants. 

Filled With Nutrients

Plants crave nutrients and worm castings are rich in nutrient content. When you want to improve the overall health of your plants, consider giving feeding them worm casting, the powerhouse of multivitamins. 

Free From Heavy Metals

Common fertilizers are loaded with heavy metals, but worm castings are not. In fact, worm castings work wonders by absorbing metals like lead, copper, and cadmium present in the soil. 

Natural Pesticide

You don’t need to spray chemicals on your plants to keep pests away anymore because plants grown in castings exhibit a natural pest-resistance quality. 

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